• Tacos on a plate
  • Chef preparing avocado
  • Customers drinking cocktails

Herradura Mexican Family Restaurant

Inspired by the delicious dishes from Mexico and Southern California, my dad and I decided to create our own take on Mexican. My dad was born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico in a family of thirteen. Growing up on a ranch he learned a lot about farming and cooking for the bunch. We wanted to represent where he came from with the horseshoe as our logo. The horseshoe represents strength and luck. We believe that with any success comes a little luck.

When my dad asked me to help take on a start-up restaurant I was all in. How could I say no? Being a Greeley Native I was ready to bring something to the town I knew all my fellow locals would love. This experience with my family has made me excited to bring new ideas to the table and find opportunities for us to be immersed in our community.

My Dad and I have been co-workers around Greeley since I can remember. I had grown up in the restaurant industry, starting when my uncle, Gorge Orozco, introduced Don Juan’s to our next door town, La Salle. Our first job together was at Cazadores, another local restaurant in Greeley. Working together has always been our bonding time and helping my family on this new adventure has brought a lot of joy to my life. We are now able to share that same joy through our food with our favorite town in Colorado.